A complete working cycle
Up to the finished product

Metalworking, cutting and shaping since 1978

Motta & Rossi is a company highly specialized in metalworking and for over thirty years it has been offering a wide range of metal working abilities, such as blade cutting, laser cutting, bending, tapering, pressing, welding and epoxy painting.

Motta & Rossi has been one of the first companies to use the laser technology for cutting tubes and has reached such a high quality level to be recognized and appreciated on the domestic market and at an international level.

A wide machine equipment on a surface of more than 4.000 square meters managed by a professional and reliable staff enables the company to execute complete working processes from metal cutting to the final package, with a highly technologic tracking system to identify any production lot at any time.

Motta & Rossi is certified ISO 9001:2008.

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